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Andrew Neil and Theresa May interview

The May effect—how far can you coach politicians to be good on telly?

When I train people who have never or rarely appeared on tv or radio I tell them -cliche alert!- that one of the first rules of media training is ‘Be Yourself’. The more ‘natural’ you come across, the more authentic you’ll sound and the better your performance is likely to be. Few things are worse […]

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Welcome to squeaky bum time on the radio…

Every three months it’s squeaky bum time at more than 300 radio stations throughout the UK. From Splat FM to BBC Radio Posh, station controllers have been sweating it out over the release of the official radio listening figures, known as the RAJARs (Radio Joint Audience Research). The latest RAJAR figures have been made public and […]

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Soccer stadium

Charity begins away from home

I’d better declare my interests straight away. I’m a born (yes,born) and bred Everton fan – but don’t click away yet because this post isn’t really about football – it’s about corporate social responsibility and (admittedly) the fantastic contribution by the club at last Monday’s game against Sunderland. As widely reported, Everton donated £200,000 to […]

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