KFC bucket which reads FCK

KFC – staying bullish while running out of chicken

When the story broke about KFC running out of chicken it reminded me of the famous Monty Python Cheese Sketch where Michael Palin plays a cheese shop owner who leads customer John Cleese up the garden path about the types of cheese he stocks only to eventually reveal that he hasn’t actually got any cheese […]

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Burnt out car park

Mayor Joe’s lesson in crisis communications for leaders

As news stories go it happened at one of the quietest times imaginable for newsrooms – 4.30pm on New Year’s Eve when a fair proportion of journalists were relaxing with their families and/or gearing up for the celebrations. As ever, a breaking news story is no respecter of leisure time and when a landrover parked […]

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Crisis comms preparation

Crisis communications planning – attack is the best form of defence

There is no ideal time to prepare or update your crisis communications plan, so the most sensible thing to do is make sure you (and ideally colleagues with a range of different skills and responsibilities) read it now and then diary a meeting so you can discuss where and why it needs updating/overhauling. Because, like […]

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Politicians and media coaching – do’s and don’ts

In many ways, it’s a bit of a thankless job being a local councillor. Too often they’re seen as the poor relations of MPs. Often “the council” gets the blame whether they’re at fault or not…the state of our roads, our schools,the refuse collection service, the size of our council tax bill or the state […]

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Andrew Neil and Theresa May interview

The May effect—how far can you coach politicians to be good on telly?

When I train people who have never or rarely appeared on tv or radio I tell them -cliche alert!- that one of the first rules of media training is ‘Be Yourself’. The more ‘natural’ you come across, the more authentic you’ll sound and the better your performance is likely to be. Few things are worse […]

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Welcome to squeaky bum time on the radio…

Every three months it’s squeaky bum time at more than 300 radio stations throughout the UK. From Splat FM to BBC Radio Posh, station controllers have been sweating it out over the release of the official radio listening figures, known as the RAJARs (Radio Joint Audience Research). The latest RAJAR figures have been made public and […]

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