We sent six members of our team on a two-day media training course in Liverpool, organised by Mick Ord. They came back bubbling over with stories – it sounds like they had a great time. And they learnt a huge amount too.”

Erik Britton

Erik Britton

The aim was to give them a leg up so they can shoulder some of the burden of representing the company in the media, especially radio and TV in future. Mick and his team really got stuck into understanding our needs as a company, and the skills and responsibilities of each of the participants. As a result, the training was tailored to the company and to each individual. And we got feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals afterwards, which is extremely useful.

The team were put through their paces, being grilled in front of a camera or microphone, and variously goaded and attacked with difficult or sometimes hostile questions. It was judged to a nicety: they all reported that the training was very tough but very constructive too, which is the perfect mix from our perspective. If they can do that, they have nothing to fear from the real world! I thoroughly recommend Mick and his team. We will be rolling out media responsibilities across some of the team immediately, while others need a bit more coaching.”

Erik Britton, MD, Fathom Consulting – Global Economic Consultancy


We didn’t want just another ‘run of the mill’ media training course. We wanted something that would stretch and challenge our thinking and performance.

Mohammed Mehmet

Mohammed Mehmet

We were particularly interested in understanding more about social media and how to use it effectively and proactively for the benefit of our residents. We weren’t disappointed. Mick and his team put together a thought-provoking, relevant and insightful programme covering the full range of public and media communications. The whole team found it worthwhile.

Taking a day out from our busy schedules is something that’s hard to do, but for Mick’s workshop it was time well spent and we’d do it again. I can’t recommend Mick and his team highly enough.”

Mohammed Mehmet, Chief Executive, Denbighshire County Council


Mick Ord provided Employability Training Workshops for our final year students, providing them with invaluable feedback, especially on their technique and approach towards prospective employers.

Richard Rudin

Richard Rudin

Throughout the project he was thoroughly professional with university staff and he was approachable, tactful, good-humoured and extremely supportive to our students. They all found it extremely useful, and these sessions – along with Mick’s unique contacts’ base – has aided them in getting their ‘foot in the door’.

All in all, it was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone concerned. Highly recommended and we certainly hope to be able to continue to use his services.”

Richard Rudin – Author & Lecturer in Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University


Mick is an excellent editor and manager of people. BBC Radio Merseyside achieved a ten year high in audiences under his stewardship.”

Aziz Rashid, Head of Regional and Local Programmes, BBC North West 


Mick is a great communicator and a hugely experienced journalist… He is extremely well connected with senior media, business and political figures and highly regarded both personally and professionally.”

Jack Stopforth MBE, Founder Director at Taylor Stopforth


I’ve known Mick for more than 20 years. He ran one of the UK’s most successful radio stations, BBC Radio Merseyside, with imagination and flair in what is a highly competitive media market.”

Pat Loughrey, Warden of Goldsmiths University of London


Mick is a great person to work with – great vision,energy and a great enthusiasm for collaborative working. We worked together on Safer Internet Day 2014… it was the most successful Day ever… more than 17 million people are estimated to have seen the content on TV, radio and online.”

Will Gardner, CEO Childnet International


True leadership and brilliant editorial nous are difficult to describe, but easy to recognise, and Mick has them in spades…”

Simon Elmes, former Creative Director at BBC


First class professional in broadcasting and public relations. I have worked with Mick on behalf of my charity for over 20 years and the experience has been excellent every time.”

Professor Ray Donnelly, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation